Firchow, Pamina, & Gellman, Mneesha. (2021). Collaborative Methodologies: Why, How, and for Whom? PS: Political Science & Politics, 54(3), 525-529. doi:doi:10.1017/S1049096521000330

Summary: What does it mean to collaborate with people affected by issues of interest to social science researchers? How can political scientists approach the people they study as research collaborators, rather than research subjects, and what are the implications of such a methodological shift for political science? This symposium on collaborative methodology (CM) will discuss how and why we should meaningfully include those we research in our decision-making processes related to the methodological tools and research designs we use.


Gellman, Mneesha. (2021). Collaborative Methodology with Indigenous Communities: A Framework for Addressing Power Inequalities. PS: Political Science and Politics, 54(3), 535-538. doi:10.1017/S1049096521000299

Summary: This article presents collaborative methodology as a form of shared research and argues that in sharing ownership of the research process with stakeholders, collaborative methodology allows a partnership to be formed during the research process, realigning the power dynamics of “traditional” research. The article explores the significance of utilizing collaborative methodology when conducting research, and cites benefits of, as well as challenges to, this practice.