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Latin America

Gellman, Mneesha. (2024 forthcoming). “State Inability to Protect: Expert Witnessing in Mexican Asylum Cases.” Latin American Perspectives. Special issue on migration and expert witnessing. Article accepted.

Mexico femicidas, cuerpos como carne.jpg

2020. “Deported to death: US sent 138 Salvadorans home to be killed.” The Conversation. 2/6/20. Available at:


2019. “US will send migrants to El Salvador, a country that can’t protect its own people.” The Conversation. 10/10/19. Available at: its-own-people-124475


2014. “Insurgents and advocates: women’s claim-making in El Salvador.” Book chapter in Cuerpo, educación y liderazgo político: una mirada desde el género y los estudios feministas/Bodies, education and political leadership: a gender and feminist perspective. Ed. Sara Poggio and María Amelia Viteri. FLACSO, Quito, Ecuador, pages 37-64.

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