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Selected Publications

Popular Publications

2020 “COVID-19 and the Opportunity of Un-Schooling Harmful Myths.” The Globe Post. 8/18/20. Available at:

2020 “Covid-Closures: When School Cancellation Means Return to a War Zone/Cierres por Covid: Cuando la cancelación de la escuela significa el regreso a una zona de guerra.” ReVista: Harvard Review of Latin America. 5/20. Available at:


2020 “Landmark femicide case fails to fix El Salvador’s patriarchy.” The Globe Post. 2/6/20. Available at:

2020 “Deported to death: US sent 138 Salvadorans home to be killed.” The Conversation. 2/6/20. Available at:

2019 “Documentary provides rare look at higher education in prison.” The Conversation. 11/22/19. Available at:


2019 “US will send migrants to El Salvador, a country that can’t protect its own people.” The Conversation. 10/10/19. Available at: its-own-people-124475


2019 "The Trump administration keeps making it harder to claim asylum. Here’s how — and why." The Monkey Cage - The Washington Post. 8/15/19. Available at: claim-asylum-heres-how-why/.

Selected Peer Reviewed Publications

2021 (Forthcoming, accepted). “Collaborative Methodology with Indigenous Communities: A Framework for Addressing Power Inequalities.” PS: Political Science and Politics.

2020 “Mother Tongue Won’t Help You Eat:” Language Politics in Sierra Leone.” African Journal of Political Science and International Relations. Vol.14(4), pp. 140-149.

2020 “Higher Education Access and Parity: The Emerson Prison Initiative's Bachelor of Arts Program.” In Dani McMay, V. & Rebekah Kimble, D. (Eds.), Higher Education Accessibility Behind and Beyond Prison Walls (47-66). Hershey, PA, USA: IGI Global.

“The right to learn our (m)other tongues: indigenous languages and neoliberal citizenship in El Salvador and Mexico.” British Journal of Sociology of Education, 40:4, 2019, 523-537.

“Visible yet Invisible: Indigenous Citizens and History in El Salvador and Guatemala.” Lead co-author, with Michelle Bellino. Latin American and Caribbean Ethnic Studies Journal. Vol 14:1. 2019, pages 1-23.

Democratization and Memories of Violence: Claiming Cultural Rights in Mexico, Turkey, and El Salvador. Routledge, Global Cooperation Series, 2017.


“Only Looking Forward: The Absence of National History in Sierra Leone.” Chapter in “History Can Bite: History Education in Divided and Post-War Societies. Eds. Denise Bentrovato, Karina V. Korostelina, and Martina Schultze. V&R; Unipress, Göttingen. 2017.


“Teaching Silence in the Schoolroom: Whither National History in Sierra Leone and El Salvador?” Third World Quarterly, 36:1, 2015, pages 147-161. For full Spanish translation in pdf, click here.


“Insurgents and advocates: women’s claim-making in El Salvador.” Book chapter in Cuerpo, educación y liderazgo político: una mirada desde el género y los estudios feministas/Bodies, education and political leadership: a gender and feminist perspective. Ed. Sara Poggio and María Amelia Viteri. FLACSO, Quito, Ecuador, 2014, pages 37-64.


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